Thursday, March 5, 2009

coming soon to a neighborhood near you

Okay, so Don't Tell Margaret hasn't exactly caught on like the wildfire I hoped it would be. But whatever. We've had some good laughs, right?, and it's not like I've been all that faithful to my own blog, anyway. Besides, it now looks as if I will be getting my cuzen fix mainly through Facebook. We've got a good chunk of cuzens there, it seems. I poached at least a dozen of them from cuzen Patti's list. I'll soon be sending them links to this site, but they all seem to be pretty well settled into Facebook. Damned Facebook, I avoided it as long as I could. Next thing you know I'm going to be updating my status or something.

Anyway, though I've deleted it now, I hope we all enjoyed watching Bad Boy Billy's Good Behavior Countdown count down the days until his domestic violence and malicious mischief charges were officially dropped. Way to go, brother. I would add a Getting of Probation Countdown but that would be pretty depressing. Something like 18 months to go. Anyway, though Billy and his family remain in a bit of a perpetual drama / funk loop, at least there's been nothing to call the cops about lately. Plenty to call Mom and Dad about, sure, but nothing for the cops...

In the meanwhile, my brother Kevin and I are planning a trip east. I've got to visit schools (NYU, U of Penn, U of Chicago, Northwestern) and Kevin, well, he seems to be filling his dance card with NYC events. We're still working out the logistics, but this I know for sure:

I'll be flying in to Philly late Sunday night (March 22nd), staying with my Cousin Donald (from my mom's side, in our grandparents' old place, just down the park from Uncle John Thomas'), leaving early April 1st for Chicago. I'll be seeing NYU on Friday the 27th, Penn on Saturday the 28th, and that's all that is set in stone so far. I'm pretty sure I won't be renting a car (airfare and Chicago / NYC lodging is already freaking me out - my credit card balance will soon be hitting 5 figures any day now... not to be confused with my credit card debt, of course, which has been at 5 figures for years and years...) so if you want me to visit you'll have to tell me how to get there on foot or by train.

Speaking of the train, is it really $90 round trip to go from Philly to NYC? This puts a crimp in some of my plans. Or rather, some of Kevin's plans. I wonder how much he is willing to do solo?

Anyway, though I haven't posted forever (at least here - I have recently returned to my other blog), I've really got to sign off and get back to the financial aid stuff I've been blowing off. I think I'm nearly done. Which somehow makes it harder to finish.


Domestic Goddess said...

I already found it.
I'd love to see you when you are in Philly, I'm almost right down the street from there.

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